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Doctoral Seminar

The 21st EurOMA Doctoral Seminar will take place in Berlin on Friday and Saturday July 1st and 2nd 2022.


The EurOMA Doctoral Seminar provides PhD students with a forum to present and discuss their research, and an opportunity to get feedback from and exchange comments with fellow PhD students and established researchers in Operations Management.


The Doctoral Seminar consists of two ‘classes’ or years. In the first year class, participants are invited to present their research design and preliminary results. This class is meant for students who are in the first year or early in the second year of their PhD studies. In the second year class, the discussion will focus on results and preliminary conclusions (contribution to theory, methodology and/or practice of Operations Management). Students who took part in a previous first year class will be invited to join the second year class, but it is also possible to apply directly to the second-year class.


A faculty of established OM scholars will take part in the Doctoral Seminar, providing support and feedback, sharing their experiences, and engaging actively in the discussions.


To apply to participate in the 21st EurOMA Doctoral Seminar, those applying for the first time must submit a short project description (maximum 5 pages) with name, project title, affiliation, and a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. These two documents must be sent by e-mail to no later than February 14, 2022.

PhD students who have previously participated in the seminar, need to confirm their participation by e-mail to no later than February 14, 2022

Notification and preparation

​All applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their application by February 28, 2022.

  • Accepted first year applicants will then be asked to prepare and to submit a paper/research proposal describing their research design, no later than May 29, 2022.


  • Accepted second year participants will then be asked to deliver a working paper covering the preliminary results and conclusions of their research, no later than May 29, 2022.


Registration fee

Successful applicants must register via the Conference website. Registration for the Doctoral Seminar is 200€.

Please note: Due to scheduling, you may only attend either the Doctoral Seminar or the Publishing Workshop


Certification and credits

Upon successful completion of the Doctoral Seminar, first year participants receive a certificate titled ‘Research Design in Operations Management’. Second year participants receive a certificate titled ‘Research Results in Operations Management’. Each Doctoral Seminar counts for 3 ECTS.

Other EurOMA-related teaching activities

Students are recommended to participate in the EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Research Methodology in Operations Management before participating in the EurOMA series of Doctoral Seminars. This seminar is organised by EIASM in close collaboration with EurOMA. Further information and announcements of seminar can be found at the EIASM website:

Key dates

Application deadline: February 14, 2022

Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2022

Submission of full paper: May 29, 2022

Seminar dates: July 1 and 2, 2022



For academic matters: Pär Åhlström, Stockholm School of Economics,

For practical matters: The conference organizers, 

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